• What types of students prove to be successful applicants?
  • Must I be a US or Canadian citizen to apply to the Irish medical schools through Atlantic Bridge?
  • Is there a minimum age requirement?
  • Will I have to undergo a health screening?
  • What about health insurance?


  • How long are the medical degree courses in Ireland?
  • Will I receive a good education at these schools as I would in the US/Canada?


  • What are the tuition fees?
  • I have a European Union (EU) passport but I do not ordinarily reside in the EU. Do I qualify for EU tuition fees?
  • If I am eligible for EU Fees, how should I apply to the Irish Medical Schools?


  • What is a competitive GPA?
  • Is the MCAT required?
  • Are interviews required by the Irish medical schools? When and where are they conducted?


  • Can I receive an offer of admissions from more than one school?
  • What is a conditional offer?
  • How many entering classes are there each year and when do classes commence?

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Further Information

Application Instructions

Before submitting your online application, please fill out the Application Request Form. After we receive your submission, we will write to you within 1 – 2 business days regarding program eligibility, application instructions, admissions requirements, deadlines, and other guidelines.

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Application Advice

Follow the application instructions exactly. Take the time to read the instructions provided with your application.

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Applications for 2023 are now closed.

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