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Irish law degrees are recognized internationally. The legal systems in Ireland, Canada and the United States are based on English Common Law and therefore, the basic education is very similar. The Irish Law Degree Programs prepare you to practice law in Canada and the United States and allow you to apply for registration to practice law. Upon completion of the degree program Canadian graduates undertake the National Committee on Accreditation (NCA) process. NCA assess the legal education and credentials of law graduates trained outside Canada. Information on the evaluation process is available on the Visit NCA website. Graduates from the United States are assessed by the American Bar Association. For more details on the licensing process in Canada and the United States please visit the Help & Guidance section of our website.

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Practicing in the USA and Canada

Graduate qualifications from an Irish law school are recognized internationally. Canadian students who wish to practice as lawyers upon their return to Canada are required to apply to the National Committee on Accreditation (NCA) for assessment as the first step in the accreditation process. The National Committee on Accreditation (NCA) evaluates the credentials of foreign lawyers or Canadians with a foreign law degree, who wish to be admitted as a lawyer in Canada. Guidelines on the evaluation of legal credentials for accreditation for foreign-trained lawyers are available on the National Committee on Accreditation website.

US students who wish to practice as lawyers upon their return to the US should check with the State Bar Association in the State in which you intend to practice as the licensing process is State driven. You will probably also need your degree to be assessed by the American Bar Association which is familiar with Irish Law Degrees.

When your credentials are approved you will then be eligible to sit for the state’s bar exam. This is the same exam graduates of US Law Schools are required to take. This process can take several month to a year allowing you time to prepare for the Bar Exam. Most states also require Multiple Professional Responsibilities Exam (MPRE).

For more details, please visit our Practicing Law in the US and Canada page, and see our FAQs

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All you need to know about transitioning to live and study in Ireland.

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