The Admissions Committees consider every application individually and on its own merits, taking into account the degree of difficulty involved in the undergraduate degree or high school curriculum, the competitiveness of the school, course load taken by the applicant, and a number of other factors. Students are expected to present high marks in Chemistry and Biology as the application process is competitive.

Applying on the basis of an undergraduate degree

Applicants who hold (or expect to hold by September of the year of entry) an undergraduate degree with a significant science component, including courses in Chemistry and Biology, may apply to the following programs:

*Due to logistical complications caused by the pandemic, University College Cork has taken the difficult decision to cancel the 4-year Graduate Entry program in 2023.

To receive a place in UCC’s GED program, candidates must have completed an Honors Bachelor’s degree with courses in (i) General Anatomy, (ii) Physiology and (iii) Biochemistry. Candidates who do not have these courses completed by September of the year of entry will be considered for the 5-year program only.

Applying on the basis of high school results (with some college/university)

Candidates applying directly from high school and high school graduates who have taken college/university-level courses, but who will not have an undergraduate degree by September of the year of entry, may apply to the following program:

Applications for 2023 are now closed.

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