University College Dublin Sutherland School of Law is ranked in the top 1% globally and is dedicated to education and research on an international level as Ireland’s Global University. This University is dedicated to education and research on an international level and incorporates students from across the globe.  Students become equipped with the education and experience needed for long term careers in law by combining engaging undergraduate and graduate level courses, internationally-celebrated research, and world-class educational facilities. 

Since its establishment in 1911, the Law school’s educational mission has remained at the heart of University College Dublin’s endeavors. Their wide range of high quality programs allow for an immersive study of law, engagement with a range of interesting legal perspectives, and acquisition of a profound understanding of how law functions in theory and in practice. The MCL Postgraduate Degree and BCL Undergraduate Degree provide top quality education in the classroom whilst encouraging students to apply their learning in the real world by working at law firms, government departments, NGOs, and by studying abroad at some of the most prestigious law schools across the globe.

For an insight into the Sutherland School of Law’s atmosphere and community, view the school video which features interviews of undergraduate and graduate students.

Law Curriculum

1) MCL: The Masters in Common Law is a unique two-year program offering non-law graduates the opportunity to obtain a degree in law. Students will take a range of modules designed to introduce the structure of the Irish legal system. Teaching is achieved through lectures and fortnightly graduate seminars. Students study a range of modules designed to introduce them to the basis of the Irish legal system. This program incorporates principles from Tort Law, Contract Law, European Law, amongst others. On completion of the program, graduates will acquire the skills necessary to:

  • Demonstrate a broad appreciation of the principal branches of law.
  • Develop legal critical thinking and communication skills that are applied to learning, research and presentation of legal reports and assignments.
  • Work effectively as a member of a legal team with common objectives.

2) BCL: In first year and second year of the Bachelors in Common Law, students will  explore the foundational ideas of law; This includes legal and professional skills, general introduction to the Irish Legal System, along with the fundamentals of contract law 

Students begin by studying modules in civil and criminal procedure. Following is the exploration of EU Law and the basis of Irish property law, company law, and criminal law. Knowledge is gained by engaging in study, preparatory work, lectures, and tutorials. During the third and fourth years, students tailor their BCL by selecting from a wide choice of law modules with a few listed below.

  • International Human Rights
  • Environmental Law
  • Intellectual Property Law
  • Family Law
  • Commercial Law

Students will have the opportunity to undertake an internship or apply to study abroad in over 50+ partner universities across Europe, Australia, Asia, and North America during their third year. (Note an internship place is not guaranteed for all applicants).

3) MODULES: All students are offered core law modules and course specific subjects that further their understanding and exploration of the legal field. Explore the modules at UCD for the MCL and BCL programs to learn more.

Entry Requirements

2-Year MCL: Students who have completed or are in the final year of a non-law degree (Level 8 NQAI or equivalent) can apply for this program.

4-Year BCL: Ontario requirements: Six acceptable Grade 12 university/college preparation (M), college preparation (C) or university preparation (U) courses including Grade 12 English with an average of 77%

British Columbia requirements: BC Certificate of Graduation (Dogwood Diploma). Subjects must be at least 4 credits when taken at Grade 12. Overall award of Diploma with a minimum average of an 88% (A grade) is required for entry.
Average is calculated on best 6 recognised subjects (Vocation subjects not recognized).
Pre-Calculus and Calculus will not be considered as a separate subject.

US requirements: Minimum GPA of 3.5/4.0 High School Diploma PLUS SAT (Minimum 1200) or ACT (minimum 25) and one AP Score of 3 or better

Graduate Testimonial


“I have thoroughly enjoyed my time at UCD and would recommend this course to anyone who is considering studying law. I have been able to study a variety of law modules that interest me such as international law, economic law, and criminal law and to use electives to pursue other interests of mine, such as Chinese language, economy, and culture. The opportunity to go on Erasmus to Austria for a trimester, meet various firms and organisations and get involved with student societies has allowed me to meet new people, explore my interests and gain invaluable practical experience.”

Odhran Stynes, Student

The Masters in Common Law at UCD is more than a degree and more than a masters. It is a full law degree, pitched at masters level and taught by some of the best law lecturers in Europe. The course work is challenging but the educational supports are terrific, particularly the seminars, which give a more intensive insight into key aspects of the curriculum. Much of the success of the MCL is down to the small class size and the varied backgrounds of participants. My primary degree was in civil engineering. I commenced the MCL programme having spent more than two decades working in engineering and business. My MCL class included art historians, philosophers and a neuroscientist. Some of my modules were shared with business graduates and legal practitioners. This mixture of experiences, backgrounds and nationalities created a rather unique and dynamic learning environment. Law reaches into all corners of life. There is a lot to be said for studying core legal principles from a shared vantage point of diverse life experiences. The MCL offers this and more.

Margaret Heavey
Student, Masters in Common Law

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