University College Cork School of Law is ranked a top school of law in Ireland and 75th in QS World University Rankings by Subject (2021) the university is also ranked in the top 2% of universities world-wide. The School of Law at UCC places a huge emphasis upon the development of transferable skills through dedicated modules including legal writing and analysis, research skills, and a compulsory moot court module; All of which enhance the presentation and advocacy skills of all law students.

Founded in 1849, UCC School of Law provides a wide range of high-quality programs at undergraduate and postgraduate level, cutting-edge research, and benefit local, national and international communities by shaping a just society. The LLB Postgraduate Degree and the BCL Undergraduate Degree are world-class programs that foster the development of transferable skills valued by employers such as research, advocacy, communication, critical analysis, accuracy and attention to detail.

Law Curriculum

-LLB: The LLB offers non-law graduates an opportunity to pivot towards a career in law. The 2-year LLB places an emphasis on developing not just legal knowledge but also students’ skill base. Students are required to take 60 credits in each academic year, which will include a combination of compulsory and elective modules and a skills module.

While the primary responsibility of University College Cork is to provide legal knowledge, they also aim to ensure that students develop advocacy skills, experience teamwork and gain expertise in legal research, as well as gain a range of transferable skills.
As a non-law graduate, students take core modules which are the foundation topics required for professional exams such as FE1s and Kings Inn exams.

-BCL: The Law (Pathways) program is the gateway to one of three degree options: BCL, BCL (Clinical) and BCL (International). The Law (Pathways) entry route allows students to choose a three-year BCL degree or a four-year degree with a legal placement BCL (Clinical) or the chance to study at least one semester abroad BCL (International).

The Law (Pathways) program offers students three degree choices at the end of their first year. The three year BCL option is a comprehensive degree that provides students with a critical understanding of Irish and international law along with exposure to a wide array of interesting and eclectic elective subjects across a range of special legal areas. Alternatively, after the first year, students may decide to pursue a four year degree path and undertake a semester or two abroad via the BCL (International) route or gain work experience in a professional environment via the BCL (Clinical) route.

-MODULES: A module represents a self-contained fraction of a student’s workload for the year and carries a unique examination/assessment mark. The size of a module is indicated by its credit weighting. Individual modules are grouped together to make up degree programs. They may also be grouped together to make up subjects, which in turn may be grouped together to make up degree programs. These are features of both the LLB and BCL courses. Explore the modules for both the LLB and BCL programs here.

Entry Requirements

2-Year LLB: You must have completed a undergraduate degree with a minimum cumulative grade point average of 2.8/4.0 (approximately 65%) or above by September of year of entry. Candidates will also be required to submit a personal statement, resume, two confidential letters of reference and of course a complete set of official transcripts.

3-Year BCL: You may apply directly from High School. This law pathway can be 3 years BCL(Hons) or 4 years if following the BCL (International) or BCL (Clinical). Canadian applicants would need to meet the Band 2 requirements which are different depending on the province.

Ontario requirements: Minimum average of 80% in five acceptable Grade 12 U, U/C or M courses including Grade 12 U English.

British Columbia requirements: Minimum average of 80% in five acceptable Grade 12 courses (including provincial examinations where applicable).
More information about Canadian provincial requirements can be found here.

US requirements: Minimum GPA: 3.4/4.0 High School Diploma PLUS SAT (Minimum 1380) or ACT (minimum 29)

Graduate Testimonial


“I’ve always been fascinated by Ireland, so I decided to look at studying there. One thing that is very appealing about studying law in UCC for someone from North America is that the schools don’t require your Law School Admission Test (LSAT) score. I ended up applying to UCC because it was a 2-year program instead of a 4 year program. I’m so happy that I chose UCC. As I proceeded through the admissions process, it became much more real and exciting. I still remember the rush of thinking about living across the world in Ireland and going to law school. I found a small group of friends in the same program as myself during orientation. We leaned on one another throughout the two years, always helping each other in stressful exam times and sharing ideas. This was much needed. Despite law school typically being super competitive, we found a way to all thrive together. For anyone thinking of going into a post-grad program, I suggest you do the same, as everyone needs help along the way. In addition to the group of friends in the School of Law, I joined the UCC Hockey and UCC Lacrosse teams. UCC and Cork overall has a great social and sports scene. Some of the best friends I made during my time in Cork were through these clubs and my fondest memories of Ireland are being a part of those teams.

Mike Lorange
UCC Law Graduate – LLB 2020

Laya Little
Laya Little - UCC Law Graduate – LLB 2022

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