Matt Fabbro

My time studying medicine at Trinity College Dublin has been very enjoyable. The professors are extremely knowledgeable in their respective fields and the course coordinators seem to have a genuine interest in the students grasping the material and excelling in the modules. Medical school can be intimidating as there is so much material to learn. However, first year at Trinity was very comfortable and I feel like we were eased into our classes at an appropriate pace. Also, the use of PBL and labs helped consolidate the material we were learning in lecture.

The university experience in general is fast-paced and involves your fair share of work. However, there are also loads of opportunities to attend social events or become involved with clubs. I can definitely say that I have had more of a social life going to medical school in Ireland than I did during my undergrad in Canada.

In general, life in Ireland has been terrific. The people are wonderful and this is a very beautiful country. I consider myself lucky to get to spend 5 years here.