Students from North America have a wide range of choices when it comes to finding a modern and comfortable place to live while they undertake their studies. Options include on campus self-catering units to centrally located apartments. Units come wired for internet connectivity and in many cases Wi-Fi is available as well. A deposit to reserve your accommodations will be required before the academic year begins and prices will vary between schools and desired housing.

Reserving your housing is mainly handled through the individual university accommodations offices. If you receive and accept an offer of admission, detailed information regarding the booking process and contact information will be provided and it will be university specific. Early booking is advised as places do fill up quickly.

University College Dublin


The school offers on-campus accommodation for 2,500 students in both halls of residence and 3-6 bedroom self-catering apartments. Atlantic Bridge has a reserved block of rooms for its students at Glenomena. Please reserve early due to demand.

  1. Glenomena has proven to be quite popular with the Graduate Entry Students. It is located on the main Belfield Campus within a short walk of the central college facilities, the apartments are formed around a series of interconnected courtyards and provide the ideal combination of secure privacy within a woodland setting. Its main restaurant is very convenient (en-route to the medical school) and is open for breakfast.

The following on-campus accommodation residences are allocated on a first-come, first-serve basis. If you are considering the housing listed below, please contact Atlantic Bridge for assistance.  You will need to relinquish your reservation at Glenomena for other Atlantic Bridge students.

  1. Merville
  2. Belgrove
  3. Roebuck Hall
  4. Roebuck Castle would be ideal for 6-year medicine students. This residence offers convenient catered accommodation.

There are two off-campus options available located in Blackrock, approximately 2 miles from the UCD campus:

  1. Blackrock
  2. Proby House

The Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland, Dublin

RCSI Mercer Court
Mercer Court

Students entering the Graduate Entry Program should contact the student services office at RCSI for information on suitable accommodations. The email address is

For those entering the 5 and 6-year programs, Mercer Court is highly recommended as it is within a short 3 minute walk of the main campus. The facility comes with 24/7 on-site security, laundry facilities and several other amenities.

  1. Click here to view a short video of the Mercer Court facility.

For more information, please visit RCSI’s On-Campus Accommodations page.

University College Cork

Students have a choice of on campus accommodation or select accommodation a short walk from the main campus:

  1. Sheares Gate is by far the most popular site for the North American medical school students.
  2. Brookfield
  3. Victoria Mills

    Victoria Mills

The University of Limerick

The university offers 5 attractive and convenient on campus villages to meet students’ every accommodation need.

  1. Quigley a popular choice for the North American group.
  2. Capavilla Village
  3. Plassey Village
  4. Kilmurry Village
  5. Thomond Village
  6. Dromroe Village

UL Accommodations

The National University of Ireland, Galway

The school offers on campus accommodation plus off campus residences within easy reach of the campus.  Should you receive an offer of admission, detailed information will be provided to you regarding accommodation in Galway.

  1. Donegan Court is most appropriate for the medical school student with a heavy course-load.
  2. Dunaras
  3. Gort na Coiribe
  4. Cuirt na Coiribe
  5. Centrepoint
  6. Corrib Village
NUIG Corrib Village
Corrib Village

Trinity College Dublin

Accommodation is available for incoming students in college residencies at:

  1. Binary Hub This brand new, private development is conveniently located near campus and is the first choice for incoming medical and dental students from North America. Each student has his or her own room and an en-suite bathroom. Each apartment has its own kitchen and sitting room. The complex also includes a study space, gym and launderette.
  2. Trinity Hall

Private Off-Campus Options

If housing in the private sector is your preference, there are also a variety of avenues available to secure a place to live.  The following websites are used frequently to locate suitable apartments and homes in Ireland.

  2. Home Locators
  3. Find a
  5. My Home
  6. Letbynet
  7. The Irish Independent Newspaper