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RCSI professor wins international prize for research in life sciences

RCSI Professor Kevin McGuigan (Physiology and Medical Physics) has been awarded the UNESCO-Equatorial Guinea International Prize for Research in the Life Sciences among two other winners. Professor McGuigan was honoured for his cutting-edge research on the development and implementation of solar water disinfection technology (SODIS) to combat waterborne diseases among people without access to safe […]

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Researchers develop Potential New Treatment Approach for Breast Cancer

  Irish cancer researchers have developed a potential new treatment approach for a form of breast cancer, which can be difficult to treat. The Opens in new windowBREAST-PREDICT researchers at RCSI focused on a form of cancer that affects around one in eight breast cancer patients. The type of cancer targeted – invasive lobular breast cancer – […]

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Breast Milk Could Help Prevent Heart Disease Caused by Premature Birth

Early use of breast milk could play a vital role in preventing heart disease in prematurely born infants, according to a paper led by researchers at RCSI (Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland) and the Rotunda Hospital. The review article, published in the journal Opens in new windowPediatric Research, was written in collaboration with researchers from […]

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Autonomous Drone Delivers Diabetes Medication to a Remote Irish Island

Autonomous drone technology has been used to deliver diabetes medication to a location off the west coast of Ireland. In an announcement Monday, the National University of Ireland (NUI) in Galway said the drone’s journey between Connemara Airport and Inis Mór, which is part of the Aran Islands, showed “the possibility of future deliveries of […]

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Soft Robotics Breakthrough Manages Immune Response for Implanted Devices

  Discovery could enable longer-lasting and better-functioning devices — including pacemakers, breast implants, biosensors, and drug delivery devices. Researchers from the Institute for Medical Engineering and Science (IMES) at MIT; the National University of Ireland Galway (NUI Galway); and AMBER, the SFI Research Centre for Advanced Materials and BioEngineering Research, recently announced a significant breakthrough […]

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UL Breakthrough Turns Scourge of Plastic Waste Into Useful Raw Materials

Innovative UL project could help end the scourge of plastic pollution and turn waste into profit. Researchers at University of Limerick (UL) have developed a breakthrough solution that turns waste plastic bottles into composites for many uses, including car parts. The project by researchers at the Irish Composites Centre (IComp) has already won the backing of Enterprise […]

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Irish Researchers Integrate Epilepsy Genomics into Electronic Patient Records

Researchers in Ireland are one step closer to offering seamless personalized care to epilepsy patients nationwide, reporting that they have developed a genomics module within an epilepsy‐specific electronic patient record (EPR). The improved access to genomic data will allow clinical teams to understand the causes of a patient’s epilepsy and develop personalized care. The research […]

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Half of Adults Seek Health Advice Online

Half of Irish adults seek health information or advice online, while one in five has never spoken to a healthcare professional about their health concerns, a new survey has found. According to the findings, people under the age of 25 are the age group least likely to speak to a healthcare professional about their health […]

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Using AI to Improve Communication Between the Doctor and Patient

Productive communication with the physician is essential for the patient to see improvements in their condition, however, most doctors have never had their communication skills formally assessed. When the doctor does not describe conditions and treatments to their patient in a comprehensible manner, it can lead to improper medication use, worsening of the condition, and […]

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NUI Galway Identifies Funding Source for GPs in Northwest

It is the general practitioner (GP) who is left to decide what to do when the bemused patient asks “Should I take the aspirin?” according to one specialist’s advice, or “Should I stop the aspirin?” as instructed by another. It harks back to the old conundrum posed by The Clash in 1981: “Should I stay […]

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Scientists at University College Cork Discover Way to Rebuild Features of Long-Dead Animals

Cork-based scientists are behind a groundbreaking move to rebuild the features of long-dead animals. In a world first, University College Cork experts have discovered a new way to put flesh on the bones of extinct creatures – 10 million years after their deaths. They are the most accurate depictions yet of what animals such as frogs, […]

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New Trinity Chancellor to Be in Place by Christmas

Trinity will have elected a new Chancellor by the end of 2020, to replace Mary Robinson, whose term finished in June. In an email to The University Times, Aoife Crawford, the Administrative Officer in Trinity’s Secretary’s Office, said that “the process to appoint a new Chancellor (and two new Pro-Chancellors) will be conducted in Michaelmas term […]

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