Posted on August 30, 2019

Half of Irish adults seek health information or advice online, while one in five has never spoken to a healthcare professional about their health concerns, a new survey has found.

According to the findings, people under the age of 25 are the age group least likely to speak to a healthcare professional about their health concerns.

The survey of 1,000 adults was carried out last month on behalf of the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland (RCSI), to coincide with the launch of a series of public lectures it plans to give about common illnesses and health topics.

The RCSI MyHealth lecture series will run from this coming September to May 2020 and will look at topics such as cannabis, vaccinations and arthritis.

“As educators and researchers, it is our responsibility to use our expertise, knowledge and discoveries to foster improvements in health and education in our communities, our societies and around the world.

“The RCSI MyHealth lecture series aims to do just that – to de-mystify the common health concerns affecting the Irish public, drawing expertise and insight from our team of researchers and leading international health experts at the cutting edge of medical and healthcare developments,” explained Prof Hannah McGee of the RCSI.

The survey carried out on behalf of the RCSI found that cancer is women’s main health concern, followed by mental health, heart disease and stress. In those under the age of 35, almost half included stress in their top three health concerns.

Meanwhile mental health is parents’ main health concern for their children, followed by vaccinations, drugs and alcohol, and weight/obesity.

When it comes to the internet, 50% of people seek health information or advice online, yet 69% do not consider websites to be a trusted source of information.

The first talk in the RCSI MyHealth lecture series is on cannabis and youth health and it will take place at the RCSI, 26 York Street, Dublin 2, at 6.30pm on September 18.

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