Posted on June 2, 2015

The UL GEMS Paramedic Team - Mark Dixon, Alan West and Noel Carmody

The UL GEMS Paramedic Team – Mark Dixon, Alan West and Noel Carmody

In preparation for the second intake of Paramedic Studies Practitioner Entry candidates at UL (September 2015), a team of three Emergency Medical Educators from the Graduate Entry Medical School will be the sole and first Irish representatives in Rallye Rejviz 2015 the Paramedic World Championships. Competing against over 100 emergency rescue teams from 20 countries including the USA, New Zealand, Japan. Germany and the United Kingdom our crew with over 60 years experience between them, will match their skills amongst the best teams in the world.

The event, which commences today in Knouty, in the Czech Republic requires teams to address 24 unknown patient scenarios over a 50KM circuit, all to be completed in a straight 24hour endurance shift. Previous tests of knowledge and stamina have included mass accidents, terrorist activity, recreational injuries, industrial accidents, road traffic collisions and an array of patients with medical conditions.

Mark Dixon, Team Member and Paramedic Studies Course Lead said this week:

‘We need to ensure our Paramedic Studies’ students have the best possible learning experience during their course in UL. This means not only the best and most up to date programme but also that our tutors are regularly tested to ensure we can offer the highest standard of education—what better way than to measure ourselves against the global leaders in emergency care’


Applications are now closed for Fall 2024 Entry.

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