Posted on April 7, 2016

On Thursday 19th May 2016 Dr Pat Kiely, GEMS Senior Lecturer in Molecular Biology, hosted a public event outlining how collaborative research is helping us target Ireland’s diseases.

Medical students, nursing students, parents, school kids, teachers and the general public were invited to take part in a public forum discussing how we can target these diseases head on by working together with researchers from around the world. The audience enjoyed contributions from leading researchers in their fields covering topics from scientific research, to health awareness and health education that were disseminated to the audience on a relatable level, especially for those from a non-scientific background.  Invited speakers and topics on the night included;

Professor Dorit Ron, University of California, San Francisco – Alcohol abuse disorders and addiction.

Professor Rosemary O’Connor, University College Cork – Cancer biology and diabetes.

Prof Aideen Long, Trinity College Dublin – Immune system functions in health and disease.

Prof Marco Racchi, University of Pavia, Italy – Alzheimer’s disease.

Dr Giorgia Egidy: Pasteur Institute, Paris – Melanoma

pat kiely.png

Pictured above: Dr Pat Kiely and his lab team from UL GEMS along with speakers from the event, Prof Dorit Ron, Prof Rosemary O’Connor, Prof Aideen Long, Prof Marco Racchi, Dr Giorgia Egidy, Prof Lasse Jenner, Dr Emanuela Crosini along with visiting postgraduate students from Denmark and University College Cork.

Applications are open for 2024 now.

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