Posted on September 29, 2014

Mental health, breast cancer, pregnancy screening, antibiotics and anxiety lectures to form part of the series

RCSI (Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland) today announced the programme for its RCSI Open Lecture Series for 2014/2015. The series of health lectures is open free of charge to the public and will be held on the last Wednesday of every month from October 2014 to March 2015 (excluding December 2014).

The first lectures in the series on 29th October will explore the important topic of mental health. Ms. Helen Coughlan from the RCSI Department of Psychiatry will give a guide to nurturing mental health and also discuss how to recognise and respond to signs of mental health problems. The second topic of the evening will deal with leg ulcers and will discuss the cause, the care and prevention.

In November, leading breast cancer specialist Professor Arnold Hill will give a talk on breast cancer and give an update on the latest research and what is now known of this disease. The second lecture of the night on screening in pregnancy will be given Professor Fergal Malone, a leading Obstetrics & Gynaecology consultant.
In 2015, lectures will include a feature evening dedicated to exploring the history of anti-anxiety medicines from the phenomenon of ‘Mothers Little Helper’ in the 1960’s to the Irish context today. This event will also feature a panel discussion on anti-anxiety medication use in Ireland. Additional topics to be explored include concussion, expedition medicine and antibiotic resistance

Dr Maria Morgan, Director of the RCSI MiniMed Series said ‘This year’s RCSI MiniMed lecture series explores health related topics that are very relevant in Irish society today.  I would encourage anybody who is interested in learning more about topical health issues to register to attend the RCSI MiniMed Lecture Series. In an age of increased patient participation and greater health awareness, these free public talks affords people the opportunity to learn more about health related issues from leading experts. Another unique feature of these talks is that they are easy to understand and are presented to attendees in layman’s terms’.

The RCSI MiniMed Open Lecture Series is free of charge to the public; however registration is essential in order to guarantee a place.  Previous lecture series have attracted widespread public interest with demand for places far outstripping availability. Register online at You can also follow the topics and join the conversation on the night, on Twitter using the #RCSIMiniMed hashtag.

What is the 2014/2015 RCSI MiniMed Lecture Series:
Find out more with this short video featuring Professor Cathal Kelly, CEO / Registrar, RCSI

Wednesday 29th  October 2014
‘Mental Health Matters: a guide to nurturing your mental health and to recognising and responding to signs of mental health problems ‘ (19.00-20.00)
Helen Coughlan, Clinical Research Fellow, RCSI Department of Psychiatry

‘Leg Ulcers – More Than Just Skin Deep’ (20.00-21.00)
Professor Zena Moore, Head of RCSI School of Nursing & Midwifery; & Julie Jordan O’Brien, Tissue Viability Nurse, Beaumont Hospital

Wednesday 26th  November 2014
‘Breast Cancer – What do we know now?’ (19.00-20.00)
Professor Arnold Hill, Head of School of Medicine and Professor of Surgery, RCSI

‘Screening in Pregnancy – Is my baby normal?’ (20.00-21.00)
Professor Fergal Malone, Professor and Chairman of the RCSI Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology

Wednesday 28th January 2015
‘Management of Concussion’ (19.00-20.00)
Professor Michael G. Molloy, Faculty of Sports and Exercise Medicine (FSEM), RCPI & RCSI

‘Emergency Care in Remote Areas – Wilderness Medicine on Kilimanjaro’ (20.00-21.00)
Dr Padraig Sheeran, Dean of the Faculty of Sports and Exercise Medicine (FSEM), RCPI & RCSI

Wednesday 25th  February 2015
‘Mammy’s little helper – the Irish relationship with anxiety medication’ (19.00-20.00)
Dr Helena Kelly, Senior  Lecturer in the RCSI School of Pharmacy; and Professor Paul Gallagher, Head of the RCSI School of Pharmacy

‘Anti-anxiety medication use in Ireland today – problem cause or cure?’ – A panel debate (20.00-21.00)

Wednesday 25th  March 2015
‘Have the superbugs won; antibiotic resistance’ (19.00-20.00)
Dr Fidelma Fitzpatrick, RCSI Senior Lecturer in Clinical Microbiology & Consultant Microbiologist, Beaumont Hospital

‘Insights into Antibiotic Use from a General Practitioner’ (20.00-21.00)
Dr Nuala O’Connor, ICGP Lead for Healthcare-associated Infection & Antimicrobial Resistance Prevention


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