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Trinity College Scientists Discover New Link Between Obesity and Cancer

Until now, little had been known about the impact obesity has on the immune system as it attempts to fight off cancerous tumours By Liz Farsaci for A new link between obesity and cancer has been discovered by scientists at Trinity College Dublin, it was announced on Monday. The body’s immune system can fail […]

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TCD scientists discover how ‘natural killer’ cells target cancer

Findings may explain why people with obesity have impaired capacity to fight disease Kevin O’Sullivan   Scientists at Trinity College, Dublin have worked out how a biological engine that powers cancer-killing cells functions. Crucially, their research highlights how that engine is fuelled and confirms the presence of cholesterol-like molecules act as a “cut-off” switch, making […]

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UL Study Finds Irish Mothers Struggle To Recognise Overweight Or Obesity In Their Children

A University of Limerick study has found that mothers of overweight and obese children struggle to recognize their child as overweight or obese. The study reported on 7,655 mothers and their nine year old children using data from the national longitudinal study of children, Growing Up in Ireland. Study co-author, Professor Ailish Hannigan, highlighted that […]

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