Trinity and St James’s Hospital announce plans for new cancer institute

Ireland’s first cancer centre to set gold standard in cancer patient care

The intention to develop a new cancer institute was jointly announced by Trinity College Dublin and St James’s Hospital at the launch of Cancer Week today. The first of its kind in Ireland, the new cancer institute will set a new standard for cancer care nationally, integrating medicine and science in cancer prevention, treatment and survivorship. Based on similar leading international models, it will be located in one designated facility at St James’s Hospital.

Cancer in Ireland is projected to double by 2040 with increases in all types of cancer. The population need for the development is therefore acute.

Provost of Trinity College Dublin, Dr Patrick Prendergast said: “The cancer institute will consolidate our strengths in clinical and scientific research for the ultimate benefit of patient care. It will deliver substantially improved outcomes for cancer patients by providing research-led diagnosis and treatment, and promoting a better understanding of cancer through interdisciplinary research.”

“We will be educating the next generation of cancer clinicians, health professionals and scientists. Both Trinity and St James’s Hospital share a long history together training medical doctors, nurses and health professionals who have treated the people of Dublin and Ireland with expertise and dedication. With this new institute we intend to lead the way in innovative new cancer treatment.”

St James’s Hospital CEO, Lorcan Birthistle said: “This cancer centre will place research, education and treatment side by side which is in line with the model for the very best cancer centres internationally. The best outcomes for patients are achieved in centres that combine high volume and highly specialised evidence based cancer care with scientific and technological advances. This exciting joint development between Trinity College and St James’s will achieve this goal.”

Trinity and St James’s Hospital have been scaling up for the new cancer institute with the recruitment of key new clinical academic and research appointments in oncology. Accreditation for the new institute is also being sought from the Organisation of European Cancer Institutes that sets the gold standard for leading cancer institutes in Europe. It will benchmark performance against international standards and direct the cancer services and research to the next level.

Minister for Health, Simon Harris said: “I welcome this association between the health sector and third level education on cancer care involved in the collaboration between Trinity College Dublin and St James’s Hospital. Such combined working holds great potential to ultimately benefit the patient experience.”

The announcement was made at the opening of the International Cancer Conference at Trinity College Dublin as part of Cancer Week. It was made ahead of the government publication of the National Strategy on Cancer.

Cancer – the Irish context

The National Cancer Registry estimates that the incidence of cancer in Ireland will increase by 50% in 2025 (compared with 2010) and by 100% in 2040 based on population changes. While there have been improvements in cancer care in Ireland over recent years, most indicators show survivorship rates for many cancer types remain lower than in comparable developed countries.

NUI Galway Medical Students win Public Speaking Competition

‌2015 Intervarsity Spike Milligan Public Speaking Competition

Year 4 medical students, Jenny Fitzgibbons and Ming Cai won the 2015 intervarsity Spike Milligan Public Speaking Competition on Nov 25th. This year’s debate topic was “People ask all the time how I’m doing, but the truth is, they don’t really want to know”. Each of the 7 medical schools on the island of Ireland compete in this annual debating competition and this is the 4th time NUI Galway have won the competition in the last 9 years.

Irish Universities Have the Most Satisfied Students in Europe

StudyPortals International Student Satisfaction Awards 2015: Irish universities have the most satisfied students in Europe.

Students going abroad to Ireland have reported the highest satisfaction with their international study experience, followed by last year’s leaders from Scandinavia: Finland, Sweden and Denmark.

Irish universities were particularly appreciated for their community atmospheres, innovative programmes, support structures for students, as well as their multicultural mix and vivid student life. In the UK, the students commented on the excellent tutors, teaching quality and international recognition of their university degree.

Maynooth University received the Outstanding International Student Satisfaction Award in Ireland, with students being particularly happy about the charming and lively campus, the close community of students, the friendliness of the teachers, and the small class sizes. National University of Ireland, the University of Limerick and the University College Cork received Excellent International Student Satisfaction Awards, while University College of Dublin was rated as Very Good.

The StudyPortals International Student Satisfaction Awards 2015 are based on 17,018 reviews, added to the – the student experience website during the 2014 – 2015 academic year.

Overview of Irish Universities Receiving an International Student Satisfaction Award in 2015

University Rating International Student Satisfaction Award
Maynooth University 9.5+ Outstanding International Student Satisfaction Award 2015
National University of Ireland, Galway 9+ Excellent International Student Satisfaction Award 2015
University of Limerick 9+ Excellent International Student Satisfaction Award 2015
University College Cork 9+ Excellent International Student Satisfaction Award 2015
University College Dublin 8+ Very Good International Student Satisfaction Award 2015

International Student Satisfaction in Europe and Number of Awarded Institutions by Destination Country

Destination country Average student satisfaction rating Number of outstanding universities Number of excellent universities Number of very good universities
Ireland 9.04 1 3 1
Finland 8.95 0 4 5
Sweden 8.90 1 3 4
Denmark 8.89 0 5 1
Switzerland 8.85 0 0 2
Poland 8.85 1 2 4
Netherlands 8.80 1 3 6
Norway 8.78 0 2 1
Czech Republic 8.77 0 2 3
United Kingdom 8.75 0 5 4
Germany 8.71 1 6 9
Austria 8.64 0 1 4
Spain 8.62 0 4 20
Portugal 8.56 0 1 5
Italy 8.46 0 2 9
Hungary 8.44 0 1 2
Belgium 8.26 0 3 4
France 8.23 0 0 5


UL Orientation Welcomes over 2,600 International Students

The University of Limerick (UL) will welcome over 2,600 international students over 2015/16.  This is a record number for UL and they pride themselves in offering the warmest welcome and the best student support in Ireland.  They welcome their new arrivals at Shannon airport which is only 30 minutes from the campus.  Students are paired with a Irish student through our growing buddy programme. This year the buddy programme paired 225 Buddy volunteers with 699 new International Students. To help their students settle in and meet other students they organised a series of events during the International Orientation Welcome Programme.

Orientation was held over one week and every day was filled with events for international students. Events held were Coffee Mornings, Many Workshops, Treasure Hunt on Campus, Traditional Irish Music Session in Stables Bar, Trip to Limerick Milk Market, Trip to the Burren, Campus 5k run and an International Student Welcome Dinner.


International Students Airport Pick up, September 2015


Pizza Party, UL Orientation Week, September 2015

5k Campus Run, UL Orientation Week, September 2015

International Student Photoshoot, UL Orientation Week, September 2015#


International Student Orientation Guides on UL Campus, September 2015


A host of additional events are organised by the University throughout this semester which include a Roller Disco, Pizza Party, Diwali Celebrations, and Trips Around Ireland to name but a few.