Torin Glass

After more than five years of long laborious medical school at the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland (RCSI), I’ve grown to love all that is quintessentially Irish (not including leprechauns, green beer, or four leaf clovers). From my days as a young pre-medical student to now as a nearly qualified doctor, Ireland has provided me with all the perfect ingredients for an experience I will never forget. The people of this country are as welcoming and friendly as any and are quick to offer up a cup of tea or invite you up to the local pub for a pint (anytime truly is a good time for a Guinness!)

I can remember my first days in Ireland and the feelings of doubt and fear of what to expect in this land foreign to me. It wasn’t long before I would step off the plane (likely a cheap Ryanair flight from my European destination of the month) and feel a sense of comfort in the local pubs, the inefficient public bus system, and the general banter of the locals on the street (if only I know what they were saying). There is so much to see and learn in this young country full of history, from the massive Cliffs of Moher and the strange Giant’s Causeway, to the Irish sports hurling and Gaelic football. Ireland really is a unique country that is quick to tell a tale and share with you its oldest traditions and music.

In recent years Dublin has become one of the most diverse cities in Europe and RCSI definitely mirrors that with its representation of students from more than 120 countries (making for great travelling options). With societies set up for all groups of students, Canadian and American included, it isn’t hard to find students who share a similar homesick yearning for baseball, hockey, Kraft Dinner or a good snowball fight. And with more than 35% of the Dublin population under the age of 25 there are plenty of young like-minded individuals from both around Ireland and the world with experiences to share.

Coming to Ireland was an excellent decision for me and I am so glad I made it as I know that my life could not have taken on as exciting a path as it has up until now. I know that RCSI has provided me with the knowledge to succeed in medicine, while living in Ireland has provided me with the tools to succeed in life. If you are anything like me you will feel the same way once you have experienced what it is like to study and live here.

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