Rebecca Berardelli

I always knew I was going to attend Medical School at some point in my life. Did I know I would be attending Medical School in Ireland at the age of 18? Maybe not, but I sure am glad that this is how my life played out.

I applied through Atlantic Bridge in Grade 12 after hearing about Medicine options in Ireland. I was excited at the prospect of starting my Medical School journey right away, and Atlantic Bridge made it possible for me.

I’m now in my 3rd year of Medicine at University College Dublin. UCD truly is the place for me; my home away from home. I had never even been to Ireland before landing in Dublin a week before starting Premed. It did not take long to discover how welcoming the Irish people are. You think Canadians are polite and friendly? Come to Ireland, I swear they put Canadians to shame!

The Professors and Doctors at UCD truly care about us students and the passion they have for the material they teach is infectious. The small class size made it easy to jump into a new country and a new school. Last summer I was able to do research at the Mayo Clinic Rochester Campus, and I was confident in my skills and knowledge among my peers with the name of UCD backing me.

Ireland is beautiful. Yes, it rains. But in a way I feel the landscape looks better under the rainy conditions! Medical School can be difficult at times, and the workload can become overwhelming, but we do find time to have fun as well. When we know we have worked hard, we are known to let the Guinness flow. Dublin provides the perfect balance for studies as well as leisure.

I love living in Dublin. I didn’t have to put any parts of my life on hold when I moved here. I continued with my Crossfit and weightlifting, and have even competed in Irish competitions in both. Whatever your interest, you will be able to fulfill it here. I really am happy living here and attending UCD.

The idea that at the end of this laborious, yet rewarding, 6 years, I will be a qualified doctor is so exciting. It gives me the motivation I need when times gets tough, or I miss home. To have a renowned name like UCD behind me gives me all the confidence I need to succeed.

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