Matteo Cremonese

My name is Matteo Cremonese and I am currently in my second year in the Dental Science program at Trinity College Dublin. I am an international student from Toronto, Canada, and at first I was in doubt accepting the offer to commit to a 5-year Dental Program in Ireland. I started to worry about friends, family, work and expenses, and all aspects of your life that you feel you will leave behind when starting a new journey so far from home. Your mind begins to believe that you will lose out on the opportunities at home with regards to finding employment when you graduate to losing close relations with friends. This was all coupled with the excitement of beginning a new journey, and thus it was hard because most of my cons outweighed the pros. However, I took a step back, thought exactly about the situation I had in front of me and the fantastic opportunity I was given. And I can tell you this, I regret nothing!

I have now already lived in Dublin for a year and a half, and the memories continue to build. Not only am I blessed to reside right in the city center, but I live five minutes away from the school, and all of the main locations downtown. I’ve been able to travel to different locations within Europe, just as a weekend getaway, and experience most of the beautiful landmarks throughout. I do not know what more I can want or ask for; I have just been given the opportunity to study at one of the most prestigious schools in the world, and reside in a city that is beautiful. Further, I can see all the wonderful cities outside of Dublin, within Europe during my stay. I’d say that I am living the dream, and this is only the beginning.

The dental program within Trinity is well recognized throughout the world, especially for my fellow Canadians who decide to apply. The Canadian Dental Association has an agreement signed with the Irish Dental Association, that will allow for the graduates from Trinity College Dental School to practice anywhere in Canada. Thus, we do not have to worry at all with coming back to our mainland to find employment. Second, this program is very interactive, the teachers and doctors are all involved with their dental students, doing practically anything to make each student successful. When help is needed by any student, the instructor will go out of their way to make sure the information is understood and practiced properly. The entire institution is down to earth, loyal, organized, respected, and loved. I could not ask for any more than Trinity has provided me, they have done their job and continue to surprise me as I continue my study. I would recommend this dental program to anyone across the globe, and will only speak extremely highly of the institution. Lastly, it is dental school, so get into gear when you have to and make sure to buckle down on the inevitable workload. I did not say this was going to be an easy 5 years, but with the right time management and effort, you can balance fun and work together, and not have an ounce of stress to experience.

Now to a more exciting topic: the NIGHT LIFE! Dublin is an absolutely incredible place to go out at night. There is literally a pub at every corner, and within each pub there are live bands that play almost every single night. The citizens of Dublin are extremely welcoming and comforting, and are always in to have a good time; even if they don’t know who you are! They love the company and open up their arms to new comers, there is never an “if, and or, but”.  All of the products are class, the liquor, beer, mixed drinks, you name it. Most of the entertainment is next to one another, and all is walking distance, so there is no need to lose money on cab fares, or buses. Once you’re in the city, all you have to do is walk to your area of choice and enjoy the night with friends or family.

Despite the rumors that have been told, or that you might hear by residents of Dublin, Temple Bar Area is awesome. I know it is one of the main Tourist attractions for individuals to visit, but hey I have lived here for over a year and I still enjoy a nice night out within that area of town. It literally has all you need on one little strip, and I can guarantee that each night you spend there is one to remember.

I know it is a hard decision to make on moving away from your family and friends, but just take time to think about what this experience can offer. You are given the opportunity to strengthen your independence, study at an amazing school pursuing a career that you love, and best of all travel to European countries. That sounds like an offer that I do not think anyone would shut down. So what are you waiting for?

Applications are now closed for Fall 2024 Entry.

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