Marcia Domingos

I am loving the experience and the program at UCC. I was very lucky to enter with a great group of Canadians into the GED program last year and we are now all getting along great!

Although it is very challenging at times to be away from my family and my fiancé, it is so comforting to have so many Canadian students around that are going through the same thing.

As I mentioned, the program itself is also great. The first year is definitely very intense as a GED, since you are condensing most of the theory from first and second year. With that said, the teaching staff is very nice and really make an effort to make sure you are “getting on” just fine.

Really, I am loving the program, the fact that I will hopefully be back home in three years practicing and the fact that I am able to travel Europe whenever there is some free time!

Applications are now closed for Fall 2024 Entry.

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