Emily Kuhlmann

Medical school is a time for great advancement in terms of intellectual knowledge, communicational skills, and professionalism. However, medical school also has the potential to become so much more. It is a time for immense personal growth, and going abroad to a unique and extraordinary country such as Ireland to do your training will definitely facilitate this. The urban charm and scenic country views immediately resonates with anyone who is fortunate enough to visit. There is plenty to see and do around Ireland alone, but the added opportunity to travel throughout Europe on a shoestring budget definitely adds to the appeal!

Although Ireland is an ocean away from what most people consider home, it quickly becomes very familiar due to the welcoming nature of the Irish. There will definitely be things that you will always miss, but new hobbies and activities will very quickly fill the void. Plus, there are so many Canadians over here that you will not even realize you have left home! There are countless events held throughout the year to bring these Canadians together and celebrate.

The most important reason to come to Ireland to do your training is for the education. The teaching and support you will receive is absolutely incredible. This support does not stop in the classroom, but even extends to helping students get electives and into residency programs back home.

After any student graduates from medical school they go home with a very valuable and prestigious degree. However, if you choose to undertake your medical training in Ireland, you are going home with so much more! You are going home with countless new friendships made with people from all around the world, the experience of living in Europe, memories from all of the travels you have done, plus of course your medical degree! You just simply cannot get all of that by studying at home, and if that is not reason enough, the Guinness definitely tastes better over here!

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