Posted on April 14, 2017

New Irish Centre for Vascular Biology to seek out novel treatments for vascular diseases such as thrombosis, stroke, haemophilia and cancer


The Irish Centre for Vascular Biology was launched today at RCSI (Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland). The establishment of the new Irish Centre for Vascular Biology, based at RCSI, will be comprised of an integrated network of groups in Irish universities, hospitals, SME’s and industry partners in Ireland, both north and south, involved in vascular-related research.

The objective of the Irish Centre for Vascular Biology is to harness the expertise of these individual groups to establish a single national Irish centre of excellence in vascular biology research that will be recognised at international level. The Centre will incorporate leading Irish researchers in the areas of haemostasis, thrombosis, platelet biology, vascular inflammation and blood vessel development.

Speaking at the launch, Professor James O’Donnell, Director of the Irish Centre for Vascular Biology and Professor of Vascular Biology at RCSI, said “Vascular diseases impact upon every facet of human health, and are the leading causes of mortality in Ireland and worldwide. By bringing together this critical mass of world-class Irish investigators and clinicians through the Irish Centre for Vascular Biology, we aim to perform cutting-edge research that will ultimately lead to new treatments for vascular diseases such as thrombosis, stroke, haemophilia and cancer.”

“Given the particularly high levels of morbidity and mortality associated with vascular diseases in Ireland, this new centre will be of scientific and economic significance, and will have direct clinical relevance.” concluded Professor O’Donnell.

The Irish Centre for Vascular Biology will leverage existing Irish expertise, but also build new partnerships between the major stakeholders involved in Irish vascular research, including scientists, healthcare providers, patients and industry partners. In parallel, the centre will provide a training platform for the next generation of outstanding vascular biology researchers and clinician-scientists in Ireland. Crucially, the centre will be industry facing, and will partner with local SMEs and multinational pharmaceutical companies to achieve shared goals of developing new treatments and technologies that reduce the overwhelming burden that vascular diseases place on Irish society.

Speaking before the launch Professor Cathal Kelly, CEO/Registrar of RCSI stated “I am delighted that the Irish Centre for Vascular Biology will be based at RCSI. RCSI has a proud tradition as a leader in health sciences research and we look forward to seeing the contribution the Irish Centre for Vascular Biology will make in addressing vascular diseases.”

To coincide with the launch of the centre, international leaders in the field of vascular biology from both Europe and North America will attend the event. Professor Garret Fitzgerald from the University of Pennsylvania and Chairman of the Irish Centre for Vascular Biology External Scientific Advisory Board will give the keynote presentation on the ‘Future of Translational Research and Vascular Medicine.

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