Cody Waters

Physiotherapy • University College Dublin • MSc Program

When I was young, my parents never settled us in one place for very long. Moving around constantly, I never really established particularly deep roots, so it made sense when I adventured out on my own, first to a new state to attend college and then again when I decided I wanted to continue on […]
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Angela Sullivan

Physiotherapy • Royal College of Surgeons Ireland • BSc Program

It was never a question for me what I was going to study as I have always wanted to be a physiotherapist. The real question was where. There are so many great places to study in North America and making a decision was going to be difficult. After researching many colleges, I discovered that going […]
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Grace MacLellan

Physiotherapy • University College Dublin • BSc Program

It’s crazy that this is my final year. Unlike many of the North American students that come to Ireland to study, I did not come with a degree already in hand. I would say that this was one of the most crucial and equally amazing decisions I have ever made. Originally from the small island […]
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