Established in 1849, the School of Law at the University of Galway delivers innovative legal education in a dynamic school dedicated to impactful, high quality legal research. With 800 undergraduate and postgraduate students, over 40 staff, exciting clinical legal education opportunities, and a range of programs, including the LLB Postgraduate Degree, LLM Postgraduate Degree, and BCL Undergraduate Degree. The School emphasizes student-focused, research-led teaching delivered in a supportive and intellectually challenging environment.‌

It hosts the internationally renowned Irish Centre for Human Rights and the Centre for Disability Law & Policy; both centers with established reputations as world leaders in their fields. The School is passionate about research that meets the highest standards of scholarship, informs student learning and engages with current societal challenges, impacting public debate and informing government policy.

Law Curriculum

– LLB: Law impacts on all aspects of life today, and the LLB provides you with an excellent basis for a career as a practicing lawyer, as well as in other fields such as administration, business, the media and social work. The LLB is also excellent preparation for work in a legal advisory capacity in the private or public sector.

The course features skill development with a focus on critical thinking, analytical ability and professional writing skills, moot court provides an opportunity for students to develop skills such as advocacy, research and legal analysis skills. diverse modules ranging from European Union Competition Law, Intellectual Property Law, Consumer Law to Global Issues in Contemporary Labour Law, and career support through professional workshops concentrating on students’ CV and interview skills.

– BCL: The University of Galway School of Law takes an innovative approach to teaching law. Their undergraduate law courses offer exciting opportunities including work placement, study abroad, mooting, the option to study a language and much more. The four-year Bachelor of Civil Law allows students to focus their studies on the law to maximize their understanding of the legal process. Students can tailor this degree to particular areas of law that interest them. Throughout the program there is an emphasis on acquiring the fundamental practical skills required of lawyers – legal research, writing, oral presentation and advocacy.

Years one and two focus on building knowledge/skills with strong foundational teaching through a variety of modules. In year three of this course students will have the opportunity to spend the academic year completing professional work placement in a leading law firm, a corporate organization, a public sector organization or other suitable legal placement with partner programs across Europe. In final year students have the opportunity to shape their degree and focus on an area of study that interests them and develop special expertise in their chosen field.

– MODLES: Modules are core to students’ education at University of Galway’s School of Law. While some are mandatory to the curriculum, the Law school firmly supports students fostering their specific interests within Law through optional modules. See the modules for the LLB Postgraduate Degree, LLM Postgraduate Degree, and BCL Undergraduate Degree.

Entry Requirements

1-Year LLM and 2-Year LLB: Students from North America or Canada presenting a bachelor degree (in a related discipline with an overall GPA of 3.3 or greater) would usually meet the minimum academic requirement.

Canadian requirements: minimum B average (73%) or 3.0 GPA on a 4.0 scale

US requirements: minimum GPA of 3.3 on a 4.0 scale

3-Year BCL: Canadian applicants present the relevant certificate or Diploma awarded by the relevant secondary school in their region.

  • Ontario requirements : Advanced level with six grade 12 courses with minimum average of 65%
  • British Columbia requirements: minimum 5 B-grades in acceptable grade 12 courses or 70% in five acceptable grade 12 courses

US requirements: minimum GPA of 3.4 on 4.0 Scale (Unweighted) PLUS SAT (minimum 1290) or ACT (minimum 26)


This course is extremely interesting and offers a lot of diverse opportunities to students. The lectures are often interactive which makes them enjoyable to attend. Additionally, the lecturers are very approachable and always willing to help. One of the fantastic opportunities the degree has offered me was the ability to spend a year studying abroad in Southern Utah University in the US. This allowed me to broaden my experience in a unique and very interesting way. Studying Law in University of Galway was one of the best decisions of my life and I would highly recommend it to anyone.

Peo Mosepele

I studied Legal Studies and I. T. as part of my BA degree, graduating in 2012 and the LLB program, graduating in 2014. My career since my studies started with students’ unions where I was a Vice President/Education officer with NUI Galway Students’ Union and Vice President with USI. I then went on to work in the Oireachtas as a policy advisor with TDs and Senators and recently, I’ve joined Facebook working with the EU Affairs team on online safety and content regulation.  Studying law in NUI Galway taught me how law, when effective, can shape our society to deliver justice and fairness. The appreciation of meaningful law, instilled by my lecturers, provided me a depth of respect that I applied to laws I could influence within the Oireachtas.  I distinctly remember studying IT Law as part of my LLB degree learning of the challenges of regulating the Internet across jurisdictions and many of those challenges remain today. The interest I gained in learning about this is what motivated me to move my career to tech years later.

Conor Stitt

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Applications are open for 2024 now.

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