Application Tips

Follow the application instructions exactly.

  1. Take the time to read the instructions provided with your application.

Type your application.

  1. The Admissions Committees must read and consider many applications every year. Make your application easy to read, and you will win favor with them. You can complete your application on your computer using Adobe Reader.

Choose people who know you well to write your Letters of Recommendation.

  1. At least one of your letters must be from an academic.
  2. Please do your best to secure at least one reference from a science or mathematics teacher/professor.

Addressing your letters.

  1. Letters should be addressed to “The Admissions Committee” and contain no reference to any one individual school.

Your academic referee(s) should comment on:

  1. Your intellectual qualities.
  2. How you compare with other students they have taught.
  3. Your performance in class and examinations.
  4. Whether he or she believes your academic performance reflects your true ability.
  5. Why he or she believes you will be able to manage the rigors of a medical, dentistry, pharmacy or physiotherapy curriculum.

Your referees should try to include the following information in their letters:

  1. Your first and last names.
  2. The capacity in which they know you.
  3. Remarks on exceptional accomplishments, contributions, attributes they have observed in you.
  4. Details about your communication skills (oral and written, if applicable).
  5. Your interests, future plans and how they relate to your desire to pursue a career in the health professions

Letters must be sent directly from your referees to Atlantic Bridge.

  1. Letters should be prepared on letterhead and signed by the author.
  2. We recommend that you give your referee plenty of advance notice as they may have several students requesting references.
  3. Please ask  your referees to email their letters directly to Letters may also be faxed or sent via regular mail.