Posted on October 19, 2018

Trinity College Dublin

By Rudy Kinsella

Trinity College Dublin have that they have received an investment that will cost up to €100 million, which will be paid back over 30 years.

The investment will go into developments focusing on teaching and research facilities, as well as student accommodation on campus over the next two years.

The news was announced today, after a visit to Trinity by the Vice-President of the European Investment Bank, Andrew McDowell.

According to Trinity’s newspaper The University Times, the proposed student accommodation at Trinity Hall is in addition to the student residence currently under construction at the Printing House Square development on Pearse St.

This will provide accommodation for 250 students, and will also include a student health centre, disability service centre and a number of sports facilities.

The news of this massive investment comes less than four months after one of Ireland’s richest families donated €25 million to the college – the largest donation in the history of the state.

This year also saw Trinity fall out of the top 100 colleges in the world for the firs time ever, according to the University Rankings.

The fall in places was blamed on a lack of funding by Trinity College Dean of Research Linda Doyle.

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